My Practice

My practice is focused on product liability and personal injury cases. I have been involved in cases against automobile manufacturers dealing with defective products including seat belts, seats and seat backs, fuel systems, structural integrity, safety glass, and cargo restraints.

I was also involved in the lawsuits against Toyota Motor Company in cases of sudden unintended acceleration, and was part of the trial team that secured a $3 million verdict in Oklahoma City in 2013. This case was the first in the nation that was tried on the theory that sudden unintended acceleration was related to defective throttle control software, not faulty floor mats or sticky pedals. I was proud to be part of the team that helped uncover the truth about this deadly defect.

A product I’m especially interested in is tires. Tire failure can result in a serious car crash and even a vehicle rollover accident, causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants. Tire failures, blowouts and detreads are foreseeable and preventable events, but when was the last time you checked how old the tires on your vehicle are? Oxidation, which occurs through air, heat and sunlight, can age a tire drastically and increase the risk of a blowout.

Car rollover, tire failureCar companies have now updated guidelines to say tires older than six years can be dangerous to consumers, but that does not prevent stores from attempting to sell them. Sometimes tires can be held in a warehouse for months or even years before being sold, reducing the lifespan of the tire once it reaches the consumer.

Consumers are also at risk from defective tires. There is currently no effective tire recall system in the U.S. This means consumers often do not receive notices about recalled tires, and retailers have no way to easily find recall notices. This puts millions of drivers at risk every day.

If you would like to speak further regarding past, present or future cases involving defective tires, give me a call or contact me through the contact form to your right.